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Take a natural approach to your health

Dr. Gretchen's philosophy...

“Genuine care and concern for the patient is just as important in the healing process as the medical techniques,” says Dr. Gretchen. “My practice is based on providing as much service as the patient requires. You aren’t just a number to us - we want you to receive the kind of personalized care that you deserve.”


On chiropractic…

“The spine is the ‘core’ or stem of the human body. Every action we take revolves and balances around that core and when then core is stressed or out of alignment, it can affect any and all parts of the body.” As a former gymnast, Dr. Gretchen is attuned to the needs of patients with sports injuries.


On Sandia Chiropractic Care…

“When you come into our office, you are taken in promptly - we recognize that your day is probably just as busy as ours. We try to create a warm, friendly atmosphere in both the physical surroundings and through the attitudes of our staff.”

Quality chiropractic


Dr. Gretchen has held a chiropractic

license since 1988.

Call now: 505-299-4446

Get the relief you seek by visiting Sandia Chiropractic Care. We want you to feel healthy and well.

Homeopathic remedies

Instead of using harsh medications, we turn to natural ways of helping your body to heal.

Professional treatments

From Pediatrics to Geriatric, we take care of you and your loved ones here with comprehensive, quality care.

Comprehensive, Quality Care

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